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The Asphalt Pavement Association
               of West Virginia

The Asphalt Pavement Association of West Virginia, a division of the Contractors Association of West Virginia, is a non-profit trade association representing the producers of asphalt and aggregates, laydown contractors, asphalt cement suppliers, equipment and material suppliers and other firms involved directly and indirectly in the asphalt industry.

The Association represents the majority of such firms operating in West Virginia with their combined production accounting for over 90 percent of all hot mix asphalt production in the state. The APAWV, formerly the Flexible Pavements Council of WV (FPC), was formed by a progressive group of hot mix plant owners in 1979.



38th Annual APA Fall Meeting

Canaan Valley Resort

September 27-30, 2018

2018 Meeting Packet

Industry News

Steady Increase in Sustainability of Asphalt Pavements

Nationwide, asphalt pavement mix producers continue to improve the sustainability profile of America’s roads through the incorporation of recycled materials and the use of energy-saving warm-mix asphalt technologies.

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WVDOH Requesting Research Topics from Industry

The WVDOH Research and Special Studies Section is beginning to solicit problem statements for FY 2017 research projects. Attached is an official request letter and the form to submit any potential problem statements.The DOH is encouraging input from the contracting industry.  Problem statements may range from the way an operation works in the field to a problem associated with materials, design specifications or construction methods.  

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WVDOH Aggregate PO Contracts - Input Needed

The WVDOH and Purchasing are still working on the award of the three Aggregate Purchase Order (PO) contracts bid on April 9. As you know, the current contracts expired on March 31. The bids are reportedly at Purchasing and/or the Attorney General’s office for final approval. If approved by the end of the month, which appears likely, the new contracts will only have three months remaining in their six month term. The move to wvOasis appears to be the primary source of delays associated with the award of these contracts.

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WVDOH Warranty/ADAB Paving Projects on the horizon

The WVDOH is reportedly close to advertising two significant Alternate Design/Alternate Bid (ADAB) paving projects.

The states second use of their nine year warranty provision will be utilized for a pavement rehab project on I79 near Big Otter, mile post 40.

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Senator Hatch: ‘A Six-Year Highway Bill is a Great Goal’

From The Hill

The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said Thursday he thinks a six-year transportation funding bill sought by infrastructure advocates is "a great goal" and said he is "committed to working to get us as close to that goal as possible."

Lawmakers are scrambling to come up with a way to pay for an extension of an infrastructure funding measure scheduled to expire on July 31.

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