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The WVDOH Materials Procedures (MP) Committee’s next meeting will be held in person on April 19, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at the MCS&T Division Office, 190 Dry Branch Drive, Charleston, WV 25306.  For those unable to attend in person please join via Google Meet, details below.  A copy of the proposed changes for the meeting are available for review on the WVDOH’s Materials Procedure website by clicking here.

Members interested in submitting comments on any item may do so directly to the WVDOH at adam.w.nester@wv.govor to the CAWV MP Committee Chairman Evan Bailey at evan.bailey@wvpaving.com and/or John Crane at jcrane@asphaltwv.com.  Please share comments by April 12, 2023,to ensure ample time for your comments to be reviewed/discussed for the meeting.  This meeting complies with the Open Government Meeting Act.



To join by phone: 1 315-925-5747 --- PIN: 590164583

Materials Procedures - Old Business(Bold Denotes MP is up for Vote)


Acceptance Procedure for Mash Compliant Roadside Safety Hardware

Creates acceptance guidelines for MASH Safety Hardware

2 - 700.00.53*

Acceptance Procedure for Evaluating Independent Assurance Samples with Samples Used for Acceptance

Major update to the IA process

3 - 604.02.40*

Standard Method of Inspection And Acceptance

Procedures for Precast Concrete Products

Updates to the handling of material that does not meet strength, or has other defects

4 - 658.05.06

Ancillary Structure Anchor Bolt Tightening

Editorial change, ready to vote

Materials Procedures - New Business (Bold Denotes MP is up forVote)

1 - 106.00.20

West Virginia Acceptance Plan "a" Method of Estimating Percentage of Material of Construction That Will Fall Within Specification Limits

Minor formatting edits, no content change.


Rapid determination of the polish Susceptible Carbonate Particle Content in Aggregates

Formatting Updates


Procedure for Determining the Torque on Tamper Resistant Hardware

Minor edits, mostly units


Sampling and Testing of Materials at the Source (Coverage)

Minor edits, updating to common lingo.


Acceptance Criteria to Designate a Wood Treatment Plant as an Approved Source of Wood Products

Minor edits for reconfirmation.


Procedure for Evaluating Quality Control Sample Test Results with Verification Sample Test Results

Significant updates to match current computer system and practices


Quality Assurance Testing of Coating Products Listed on WVDOH Approved Product Lists (Apls)

New MP, Adds yearly testing for paint on the approved list.


Procedure For Determining a Reduced Unit Price to Be Paid for Select Material for Backfilling Which Does Not Conform to Grading Requirements of Governing Specifications

Section 6.1, discussion of DMIR for nonconforming material.


Determination Criteria for Monitoring Ground Vibrations in Residential Areas

Reconfirmation with no content edits


Determination of Chemical Constituents in Hydraulic Cements

Reconfirmation with no content edits


Paint Testing Methods

Reconfirmation with no content edits

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Work Zone Safety Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is April 15-19, 2024.  This week hopes to spread awareness for work zone safety across the country, and because of participation from organizations and individuals just like you it has been very successful.

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WVDOH Price Index

April 2024

WVDOH has released the Asphalt, Concrete and Diesel Fuel price adjustment indexes for the month of April.  

Period #2 Fuel (Gal) Asphalt (Ton) Cement (Ton)
4/1/2024 $2.7919 $590.00 $191.88

Click Read More to see more details and historic price index values.

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WVDOH Specifications Committee to Meet April 3, 2024

WVDOH Specifications Committee to Meet April 3, 2024

The WVDOH announces its April Specifications Committee meeting.  The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3 at 9:00 a.m. and will be held at the WVDOH Technical Support Division office at 1334 Smith Street, Charleston WV, in the lower-level Conference Room. 

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Paving Industry Convenes for 44th Asphalt Paving Conference

Over 200 individuals from industry, WVDOH, and academia joined together for the 44th Annual Asphalt Paving Conference and WVDOH Statewide Asphalt Preconstruction Meeting held in Charleston on February 27 and 28.

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Bob Brookover, WV-Paving, Awarded the 2023 Asphalt Industry Stewardship Award

During the luncheon at the 44th Annual Asphalt Paving Conference, John Crane, Executive Director of Asphalt Pavement Association presented the Asphalt Industry Stewardship Award.  Crane stated, “this award is meant for those who are good stewards, people who are diligent, hardworking and dedicated to the asphalt industry and for people who are willing to challenge the status quo and push the industry to advance down the road to better our industry.”  Crane presented the award to Mr. Bob Brookover.
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