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WVDOH Updates BIDx Questions & Answer Policy

Monday, April 08, 2019

The WVDOH updated their Question and Answer Policy this week, providing guidance on how the process should function. A few of the highlights are outlined below along with a link to the new policy.

All projects advertised by the WVDOH for bidding via the Bid Express website at www.bidx.com will require questions to be asked using the Questions and Answers feature link displayed in the "Also Available" section of the proposal page. Questions received through phone,email or other mechanisms shall not be answered and will otherwise be considered void.

Everyone will have the opportunity to ask a question and read through questions that have already been answered. (Please note that individuals do not have to be a member of Bid Express to ask a question or read through questions that have already been answered.)

Questions and Answers are for "INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY" and shall not be intended as an alternative to the amendment process.

Any individual that communicates directly with WVDOH personnel concerning an advertised project will be directed to the Questionsand Answers feature on the Bid Express website at www.bidx.com. No WVDOH personnel shall communicate any issues concerning an advertised project with anyone outside of the Agency.

To view the complete Questions and Answers Policy, click here.

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